Orthognathic Jaw Surgery in Bondi Junction

While we strive to provide a conservative treatment approach at Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics, some orthodontic cases require movement of the underlying jaw and facial bones to accompany orthodontic treatment and provide correction of misaligned bites and improved facial aesthetics.

Dr Ben Piller works closely with specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the area who provide a high level of patient care and results.

When Is Corrective Jaw Surgery Necessary?

When the jawbones need to be lengthened, shortened, moved horizontally or vertically, in order for the teeth and bite to meet harmoniously. Often, patients with severe overbites or underbites are considered candidates for jaw surgery. When upper and lower jaw growth does not progress in tandem, they may not match structurally by the time growth has completed.

When these conditions exist, we may recommend a surgical consultation:

  • Protruded jaw (strong chin)
  • Retruded jaw (weak chin)
  • Jaw, chin and nose misalignment
  • Difficulty biting
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (pain, popping or locking)
  • Sleep-disordered breathing (sleep apnoea)
  • Unfavourable facial structure and appearance
  • Speech abnormalities

Orthognathic jaw surgery resolves the gross movement and alignment of the jawbones while orthodontics addresses the fine detailed movement of the teeth.

Oral Health Specialist Collaboration

Corrective jaw surgery is a complex procedure requiring advanced skills and experience from both the orthodontist and the surgeon. At Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics, we work in a team setting with the oral and maxillofacial surgeon to predictably illustrate the future position of the teeth and jaws prior to surgery. 

Interested in a Surgical Evaluation?

Please contact Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics to arrange a consultation with Dr Ben Piller, who will evaluate your orthodontic and surgical needs. No referral is required.