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Orthodontics is more than straightening teeth. We believe that our role in your life is an important one: To enhance your health and appearance, ultimately enriching your life and sense of well-being.

Eastern Suburb Orthodontics Why choose us? Eastern Suburb Orthodontics Why choose us?
Making the decision to choose an experienced specialist orthodontist, such as Dr Ben Piller, to assess your orthodontic needs is the first step towards achieving a predictable and pleasing outcome.

The first thing you will notice about Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics is that we are a people practice, friendly, helpful and passionate about providing you with the most up-to-date orthodontic treatment options available.

Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics recognises the importance of achieving a healthy and confident smile that our patients can be proud of. 

Dr Ben Piller treats patients of all ages, offering a holistic approach to early treatment in children with a focus on airways and facial development. For teenagers and adults, we use the latest braces technology and clear aligner therapy (Invisalign).

Our modern Bondi Junction orthodontic practice, along with a friendly and professional team, is committed to making your experience with us a positive and memorable one.

We Are An

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Welcome to Our Practice

At Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics, we offer specialist orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages to improve oral health, comfort, wellness and self-esteem, through tooth and jaw alignment. Dr Ben Piller is a specialist orthodontist whose treatment philosophy is a simple one – to achieve facial balance, harmony and a beautiful smile through a holistic approach to the entire biological complex.

Our skilled, professional and friendly Bondi Junction team works closely with each patient to understand and address their orthodontic concerns, ensuring that they are supported throughout treatment. 

Customised Treatment with State-of-the-Art Technology

Every face and smile is unique; therefore, we individually customise our treatment for each patient using the latest innovations in order to achieve the best results. By incorporating sound biological principles and using leading technology, we create beautiful smiles in the shortest timeframe possible, with favourable and predictable treatment outcomes.

Using technology such as our patient education system, digital imaging, radiographs and 3-D scanning, Dr Ben Piller will thoroughly communicate your treatment options and keep you informed throughout your treatment journey.

Why Choose a Specialist Orthodontist?

A specialist orthodontist holds dual degrees in dentistry and orthodontics and is required to practise as a dentist for a number of years before embarking on further orthodontic speciality training. This additional study focuses on the growth and development of the face, jaws, teeth, occlusion (bite), biomechanics and treatment planning cases.

Specialist orthodontists dedicate their practice exclusively to orthodontics, treating everything from simple tooth alignment to resolving complex developmental and functional issues that can impact the quality of life.

Learn more about why to choose a specialist for your orthodontic treatments by visiting the Australian Society of Orthodontics website or visit our Facebook page for more information

We Welcome New Patients in Bondi Junction

If orthodontics is something you’ve been considering to achieve your best possible smile, please contact us on (02) 9389 0766 to arrange your initial consultation. We proudly serve Bondi Junction, Bondi, Bellevue Hill, Woollahra, Queens Park and the surrounding suburbs. 

Referrals are welcome but not required.

We look forward to taking this exciting step together.

Sydney’s first boutique orthodontic practice, providing exclusive adult treatment. Delivering a unique and premium orthodontic experience, with appointments available outside of business hours. We are excited to welcome you and look forward to scheduling your initial consultation to discuss your smile goals! OPENING SOON - 9389 9766