Orthodontics Before Cosmetic Dentistry in Bondi Junction

At Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics, we prioritise a holistic approach to the orthodontic care that we provide. Dr Ben Piller will spend a significant amount of time studying your unique biological gifts and orthodontic needs to meticulously create a customised treatment plan using cutting-edge technology.man smiling after orthodontic treatment in Bondi Junction

Dr Piller works closely with a number of highly-skilled cosmetic dentists and specialists who appreciate his attention to detail and approach to care. In many cosmetic dentistry cases, orthodontics is often considered the ideal first step to ensure favourable outcomes and long-lasting dentistry, as well as the greatest level of health, function and comfort.

The Role of Orthodontic Treatment in Cosmetic Dentistry

When considering dental treatment such as restorations, veneers, crowns, bridges or implants, it’s essential to evaluate the foundation on which your new smile and bite will be built. Misaligned teeth should be corrected with orthodontics first to ensure that you finish with an ideal and stable cosmetic result, improving the longevity of your dental work.

How a Healthy and Balanced Bite Supports Dental Implants

Oral health disease, such as periodontitis, leads to gum recession and bone loss, which destroys the foundation supporting teeth and can result in tooth loss. Periodontal disease should always be assessed and treated prior to orthodontics or dental implants.

woman smiling outside in bondi junctionMisaligned teeth and bites also expose specific teeth to greater forces when chewing or from habitual behaviours such as tooth grinding. Dental implants require a stable and balanced occlusion, as this will help improve the longevity of your dental implant. Additionally, dental implants require adequate bone for support and integration. When natural teeth are angled, crooked or overcrowded, dental implant placement becomes limited, impacting not only the aesthetic outcome but also the function of the tooth. This is why an orthodontic assessment prior to implant placement is recommended.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Options

We understand the importance of providing the most discreet treatment options for our adult patients, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign, to minimise the impact on your appearance and lifestyle. 
As an Invisalign Platinum Provider, Dr Piller can resolve challenging tooth alignment issues using clear aligners.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Consultations in Bondi Junction

We welcome you to contact our team at Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics and arrange your consultation with Dr Piller. No referral is required. We are passionate about helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.