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At Eastern Suburbs Orthodontics, we use the latest technology to improve and enhance the orthodontic experience and treatment we provide. Communication and supporting our patients throughout their treatment journey are essential aspects of our practice philosophy. Using multiple educational tools and technology, we will keep you updated and informed about your oral health, treatment progress and final outcome.

Below are some of the ways we use modern equipment and imaging to improve your experience and orthodontic care.

Digital impression machine

Digital Impressions/Scanning

Dr Ben Piller invested in the 3D iTero Scanner, which has replaced traditional impressions (moulds). The scanner uses advanced photographic technology in the mouth, providing a 3D image of the teeth and bite within minutes. This scanner integrates with Invisalign software, giving Dr Piller immediate access to begin the process of treating your teeth digitally. 

Traditional impressions are still required, but far less frequently than before.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays improve our diagnosis and provide the highest resolution of radiograph possible today. Once these images are taken, they are uploaded instantly into your digital chart for review. By choosing digital x-rays, we reduce radiation emission by up to 80% while also eliminating the need for harmful chemicals, which protects our environment.

Generally, two digital x-rays are required, a panoramic and cephalometric radiograph. The panoramic x-ray shows the upper and lower jaws, all of the teeth, bone levels and jaw joints in a single radiograph. The cephalometric radiograph shows the relationship of the upper and lower jaw position, angulation of the teeth and also provides a stage of growth assessment.

When working with your dentist or specialists, we can easily transfer these images with your permission.

Digital Records

Eliminating paper records in our practice not only protects your valuable information but also improves our ability to communicate with your dentist, specialists and imaging laboratories that collaborate during your care. Every piece of paper is scanned and securely recorded in your patient file, just an email away if necessary.

In addition, digital record keeping puts your information at the fingertips of Dr Piller and our team for consultations, mid-treatment updates and comparisons from one visit to the next. We can review your progress together and predict treatment length and outcomes using digital recordkeeping and imaging integration.

Digital SLR Camera

We use the latest in digital photography to capture images using a hand-held camera. These diagnostic images will be carefully reviewed by Dr Piller and considered when planning your treatment. They also provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your dental situation and treatment progress.

3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging

Orthodontic treatment requires 3D tooth movement through bone. In more complex cases, 2D radiographic images are not always sufficient to evaluate and plan precise tooth movement. By using 3D CBCT technology, we gain low-radiation, high-resolution radiographic images that reveal accurate tooth position, tooth root structure, bone, joints, sinuses and nerve pathways in a more detailed scan. 

These images can make orthodontic treatment more predictable and successful and are also used in pre-surgical treatment planning. However, they are not routine and are only prescribed when absolutely necessary for diagnosis.

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