Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) in Bondi Junction

What Is an Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)?

A TAD is a small metallic and biocompatible screw that is strategically placed in the jaw bone under local anaesthetic by our experienced orthodontist. The procedure is pain-free, quick and with minimal healing time. Once the TAD is placed, it forms an anchorage point from which teeth can be moved using an elastic.

Why Do We Use TADs?

Braces and clear aligners work by placing pressure on the teeth to move them within the bone. In some cases, however, teeth need to move in a way that braces or aligners will not support. 

TADs facilitate the movement of teeth when the force required to do so is significant, to correct challenging bites, tooth alignment, avoid unwanted tooth movement and in some cases prevent the need for removal of teeth. 

What Is the History of TADs?

Specialist orthodontists have been using TADs for many years. They have been well researched and developed to replace some of the older and externally worn orthodontic appliances, such as headgear.

Understanding the importance that TADs would have in the orthodontic profession, Dr Ben Piller spent considerable time in Germany with one of the world’s leading experts in the area of TADs, Professor Bjorn Ludwig. Together they researched and published material on the subject. 

How Are TADs Placed and Cared For?


In order to understand what his patients would experience and be able to communicate with them accurately, Dr Piller had a TAD placed in his own mouth, which he can tell you firsthand is a quick and simple procedure. 

Dr Piller is now an experienced clinician in this area; however, he is conservative in his approach and will only recommend the use of TADs when absolutely necessary.

The process of placing and removing TADs is minimally invasive and typically includes only minor swelling and irritation, which quickly subsides in just a few days. 

Whilst the TADs are in place, they require minimal maintenance and should be brushed twice a day along with your normal brushing routine. 

Once the TAD is removed, the gum heals without effect.

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